Help a mum start a business and rebuild the life of her family


Can you help a mum start a business and rebuild the life of her family?

Sometimes life in the slums have a way of keeping you down - your parents pass away and you find yourself the sole provider for your siblings; you're struck down by illness; floods wash away your home leaving you destitute and struggling to feed your family.

This is what happened to Fatuma's family in November last year, when heavy rains caused open drains to swell. Water washed through their home, bringing down the walls narrowly missing the children as they slept.

The filthy water washed away their few possessions and contaminated everything else. They were left with nothing and nowhere to go.

The situation seemed extra heart breaking, as just a few days before, Fatuma had been excitedly telling me how their lives had started to move on since the training she received from us.

As you can see in the video below, she had taken to tailoring with a passion and had been using the machines in the office to train other women and take in some small tailoring work.

She became part of a savings and credit group and was for the first time in her life, saving money.

Her dream was to have her own sewing machine, there is great demand for tailoring services from her neighbours and students at the nearby university. She would be able to start earning decent money and build a better life for her children Winnie, Akram & Esther.

So this is the reason for our campaign, we've started a fund that will allow us to offer small loans to mums like Fatuma. Giving them a helping hand to start their business and regain control over their lives.

We'll listen to their business plan and the scale of the loan will depend on the business idea, for example, it would take just £85 for Fatuma to buy her own sewing machine and all the materials she needs to get her own tailoring business started.

Will you help mums like Fatuma by giving them a helping hand to start a business and change their families lives forever?

1. Give £85 (or whatever you can afford) to help a mum like Fatuma build a sustainable future for herself and her family - just £85 Fatuma could buy her own sewing machine and the materials she needs to get her own tailoring business started.

Donations of £85 and over will receive a small but very special
handmade gift from one of the women you'll be helping once she gets business off the ground.

2. Give a donation as a gift to your mum this Mothers Day and
we'll send them a card with your love explaining how your gift has
helped to support a mum in Kampala - changing the life of her
whole family.